The Amblève takes its source on the Hautes-Fagnes plateau near Heppenbach to flow into the Ourthe at Comblain-Au-Pont. Its course totals a length of 93 km.

Amblève upstream from the Challes footbridge

Of the rich Ardennes type on our routes, it has a width of 8 to 20m for a depth that can reach 2m in certain gulfs.

Its main tributaries in the Stavelot-Malmedy area are the Recht, the Warche and the Eau Rouge.

We offer 26,660 km of shoreline in a natural or semi-urban setting.

On the outskirts of the town center of Stavelot, you will find goffes and long dishes resulting from the work of the hand of man.

Once out of the centre, the Amblève delivers all its charm in a natural setting and presents many variations of current, rocks, guffs, dishes…

From 2022, a continuous 9,080km “double bank” route on the “little” Amblève between Pont-Ligneuville and the Rocher de Warche is offered to you. At this level, the Amblève has not yet received the Warche and it is therefore much narrower; but the fishing spots are magnificent!

From a fish farming point of view, being located in the trout and grayling area, these two species occupy most of the positions on the river and it is not uncommon to touch a brown or rainbow trout over 50 cm in full flow. Sport fishing guaranteed!

Attention: from 2023 onwards, all the “Amblève” routes will be NO KILL for brown trout; only rainbow trout can be caught.

The grayling can reach the respectable size of 40 cm; but be careful, this fish is protected and its fishing authorized only in no-kill fly.

Alongside these three species, minnows, loaches and sculpins abound to the delight of trout…

More sporadically, the gulfs are also home to a few chub, barbel or even one pike or another.

Please note that a salmon and sea trout reintegration program is underway on the river and the catch of 10 to 20 cm parr is not uncommon.

In summary, the Amblève offers you the freedom to choose your fishing technique: fly, lure… and will undoubtedly have some nice surprises in store for you!

The focus is of course on sport fishing…

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