Increase in our routes on the Amblève and its tributaries (Eau Rouge, Warche) as well as fish hatcheries on various streams and riprap work for the spawning grounds (development of the Magiru stream) like the fish pass of the ru du Laid Trou made in 2017.

Fish farming management and rehabilitation of the site of the ponds with the support of the city of Stavelot: spills, organization of competitions and family days, cleaning of the site (2024). Following sludge removal, fishing will be closed in 2024!

partial pond emptying 2019

Intensification of initiations through internships for young and old.

pond course 2020

Strengthening of the partnership between the various actors of the river : River contract, DNF, Fisheries and fish farming federation of the Amblève sub-basin FHPA, society of Fishermen Reunited of Basse-Bodeux-Coo-Trois-Ponts…

Electric fishing Amblève April 2021 with the University of Liège

Raising awareness of modern, sporty, no-kill and nature-friendly fishing .

Active participation in the fish catch cage at the Coo waterfall (early 2021): free movement of fish and now spawning trout, barbel, chub can once again go up the river to reproduce.

Reception and organization of competitions on the river and in the ponds .

Active participation in the provincial brown trout hatchery “Amblève”: Inaugurated in September 2019, its production capacity should ultimately turn around 230,000 eggs per year and it will make it possible to reintroduce into the Amblève and its tributaries, stock trout capable of reproducing naturally in their environment. A long-term project whose effects should already be felt within 3 to 4 years.

New in 2023