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Our fishing society is administered by a volunteer committee of 17 members. A team that wants to be dynamic in order to offer everyone the opportunity to practice their favorite hobby in the best conditions: active participation in the FHPA (Halieutic and piscicultural federation of the Amblève sub-basin), routes and events in common with the Société des Pêcheurs Réunis de Basse-Bodeux-Coo-Trois-Ponts, partnership with the carpodrome of Nivezé-Spa, support from the towns of Stavelot and Malmedy and their tourist offices, investment in the “Amblève” brown trout restocking program at the provincial hatchery, development work on waterways, etc.

And all things considered, it works!
At the end of this tenth full season, more than 600 annual members, including 430 NO-KILLs and 90 juniors, have been counted on the river and more than 120 members at the ponds.

And to continue to please you, here is what awaits you in 2023:

  • 2km of additional routes: 1,5km on the Amblève and 0,5km on the Warchenne.
  • Spills of “speckled” rainbow trout on the Warche and the Amblève with, in parallel, the total protection of brown trout and the reinsertion of the “Amblève” strain by trout from the new provincial hatchery.
  • 5 spills of brown and rainbow trout 24-35cm (1000 kg in total) and 40,000 trout 3-5cm “Amblève” strain.
  • All the river courses are now fully protected for brown trout (no-kill).
  • The use of single hooks for any fishing technique.
  • The return of the complete no-kill card (prohibition of any sampling, including rainbow trout).
  • The organization of a “decoy” competition on the river: decoy competition by team of 2 on all of our river courses (Amblève and Warche) on Sunday 30 April.
  • The Amblève FLY challenge by team of three fly fishermen, in 3 rounds including the unprecedented: an evening shot. See you on Saturday July 8th on the “river” courses of Stavelot and Trois-Ponts.
  • Participation in the cleaning and redevelopment project of the Stavelot ponds site.
  • New company jackets and caps: on sale from Alain Leblanc (+32497/64 49 01):

New in 2023