Be careful, 2023 is undoubtedly shaping up to be the year of cleaning! If this is done, the drying of the ponds will take place during the month of September. Keep your 2023 annual membership cards safe; they will serve as proof to benefit from a 50% reduction on the 2024 membership card.

Formerly a breeding ground for the monks of the Abbey of Stavelot, the ponds were created by them in order to benefit from a reserve of fish for their consumption (the first written trace dates from 1470).

Thereafter, until the middle of the 20th century (1954), they were the nerve center of the tanneries of Stavelot which drew pure water from the ponds for the tanning of the skins before rejecting it in the Amblève.

In those days, photos attest to it, “La Truite” was already organizing fishing competitions on the site and it was not uncommon for more than 100 fishermen to compete annually.

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However, at the beginning of the 1980s, a misunderstanding between various parties and the owners of the place would exclude fishermen and especially young marcatchous who found there a learning ground like no other.

It will therefore have been necessary to wait 30 years for a clearing to appear thanks to the acquisition of the ponds by the municipality of Stavelot. We can therefore only thank the municipal authorities for the trust they place in our hands by entrusting us with the fish management of the site.

It is therefore with great pleasure that we provide you with 2 ponds with a total area of 1.6 ha . In a quiet setting near the city center, you will enjoy a natural and classified site. Particular attention is therefore required to respect the fauna and flora that surround you.

Natural banks, reeds, sedges and submerged roots are all hiding places for white fish and especially predators such as perch and pike ; but please, do not fish outside the marked posts!

From a practical point of view, fishing is open there from June 1 to January 31 of the following year .

The fishing of white fish is carried out in no-kill; fishing for pike and perch allows only one capture per year per fisherman (daily members or “two consecutive days” do not have this advantage).

For more details concerning the rules and membership cards, refer to the ad hoc section while pointing out that very attractive formulas for young people exist as well as a clear reduction for our annual “river” members.

Fishing days, competitions and a course are also organized (see agenda).

2023 spill program (subject to cleaning):

  • Before opening (January 2023): 250kg roach – 120kg goldfish and carp.
  • Friday, November 10 (subject to cleaning): 200kg pike – 60kg perch – 250kg roach – 30kg and 120kg of large trout with carnivorous competition.

That is over the year: 200kg pike, 120kg trout aec, 60kg perch, 500kg roach and 120kg goldfish and carp.

Good fun and good fishing!

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