This river takes its source in Bullange to finish its course, after a course of 41 km, in the Amblève in Thioux (Bellevaux). La Warche has a width of 5 to 10m on our routes and very deep areas in its urban part in the city center of Malmedy. At your disposal, 12.785 km of banks from upstream of Malmedy to 4 km downstream.

It is, as such, a reservoir of large trout that will please everyone. 2022 marks the passage of the Warche into the “arc” zone and therefore the brown trout will also be in total protection there (no kill) which, in the short term, should allow us to find 60+ trout there.

Be careful, some areas are only authorized for the practice of your sport in the water; fishing from the shore is therefore prohibited!

Be careful, the very close presence of the Bevercé power station generates frequent variations in current, so beware of the sudden rise in water!

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