Red water

Red Water Sheep Bridge

A tributary of the Amblève, this stream , of the poor Ardennes type in its upstream part and of the rich Ardennes type in its downstream part, has a total length of 15 km. Taking its source on the heights of Francorchamps (Ster) it quickly descends to Stavelot to throw itself into the Amblève at Challes.

Its particularity, especially upstream of Francorchamps, is the oxidized color of the banks and stones that line it. Emanating from sources rich in iron oxide, this characteristic, which fades after the circuit, gave it its name.

On our courses (8815m) , ie on its downstream course, the Eau Rouge has a width between 3 and 6 m and a depth varying from 0.2 to 1.2 m.

It offers many positions for salmonids and is very pleasant at the start of the season. From May to September, prefer the bursts of water just after a storm for example.

Be careful, the “fario” no kill is applied and fishing with natural bait and pasta is prohibited on the Eau Rouge in order to save the trout it hosts!

The species represented are mainly brown trout, sculpin, lamprey and loach.

Take particular care with the trout that l’Eau Rouge is home to as it is an important spawning area for Amblève trout. The last electric fishing carried out by the Ulg on 150m of stream reported a little over 300 trout and trout. A more than excellent result…

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