Course maps

FISHING AREAS: (right and left banks are to be considered downstream)

MAP 2023

The courses are divided into 3 distinct areas according to the rules that apply:

“FARIO” zone = Petite Amblève = points 1 to 5:

Fishing with natural baits is allowed with touch and go.
It is forbidden to collect brown trout there!

“ARC” ZONE = Warche points 6 to 10 and Amblève points 11 to 17:

Fishing with natural bait is authorized on hook n°2.
The collection of brown trout is prohibited! Total protection!

“STREAM” ZONE = Rechterbach/Warchenne/Eau Rouge points 18 to 20:

Fishing with natural bait is prohibited.
The collection of brown trout is prohibited there. Total protection!

A) FARIO ZONE: the small Amblève (upstream of its confluence with the Warche) = 9,450km of banks.

Pont-Ligneuville: Pont Borgeuse Hé = access point 1: 1260m .

. Course: 630m on each bank downstream from the bridge.

. Parking: at the bridge.

. GPS: N50.36833°x E6.03552°

Lasnenville quarry : Upstream quarry = access point 2 : 2180m.

. Route: 785m left bank and 1395m right bank along the quarry to the bridge
from the Thérèse goffe.

.Parking: Point 2 or 3. Parking at the quarry and crossing on foot of the quarry prohibited!

. GPS point 2: N50.37544435 x E6.01828298

Goffe Thérèse : Lasnenville bridge = access point 3 : 2000m.

.Course: 960m on each bank downstream from the bridge.

.Parking: Point 3 ( drive slowly on the small access road!) or 4.

.GPS point 3: N50.37966175 x E6.00899430

Salle de Belvâ: Pont Planche = access point 4: 3400m + 240m mill stream.

.Course: 1700m on each bank downstream from the bridge + 120m on each bank of the mill stream behind the hall.

.Parking: point 4 at the Salle de Bellevaux or point 5.

.GPS point 4: N50.38580573 x E6.01053451

Thioux : Warche-Amblève confluence = access point 5 : .

. Route: downstream limit of the Petite Amblève.

. Parking: point 5 at the Thioux bridge.

. GPS point 5: N50.38688° x E5.99147°

B) ARC ZONE: Warche and Amblève = 27.620km of shoreline.

1. The Warche in Malmedy: 12,785km of riverbanks.

Warche general map
Bévercé: Nelles quarry = access point 6: 1080m
  • Course: 900m right bank at the level of the quarry.
    180m left bank downstream from the quarry (water fishing only).
  • Parking: at the entrance to the quarry.
  • GPS: N50.44464° x E6.05173°
Liberation Avenue: Movie Mills = access point 7: 2405m
  • Route: 1255m on the right bank and 1150m on the left bank downstream from the Avenue de la Liberation bridge to the Colruyt bridge.
  • Parking: median level at My Hotel.
  • GPS: N50.43536° x E6.02902°
Town entrance: Colruyt bridge = access point 8: 3750m
  • Route: 1930m on the left bank and 1820m on the right bank from the Colruyt bridge to downstream of the Ravel bridge (SNCB bridge).
  • Access and parking: Easy shore access via the Colruyt bridge or the Ravel bridge.
  • GPS: N50.42582° x E6.02157°
Downstream Pont de Warche (= access point 9) – end of the zone (= access point 10) : 4900m
  • Course: 2300m left bank from the Pont de Warche at the entrance to Malmedy to downstream of the Rocher de Falize.
    2600m right bank ditto.
  • GPS: point 9 = N50.41739° x E5.99895° and point 10 = N50.41162° x E5.99612°
  • Attention: from the Pont de Warche on a length of 800m only fishing in the water is authorized on both banks. It is strictly forbidden to pass by businesses on foot and to fish from the shore.

.NEW 2023 Thioux : confluence Warche-Amblève = access point 11 : 650m

Course:410m right bank upstream of the bridge of Thioux and 120m double bank downstream of the bridge.

Parking:point 5/11 at the bridge of Thioux.

.GPS point 11: N50.38688° x E5.99147

2. the Amblève downstream of the confluence with the Warche = 17,580km of banks

Amblève general map
NEW 2023 Thioux = access point 11 / Rocher de Warche and Lodomez = no vehicle access: 6400m
  • Route: 2205m left bank and 2625m right bank from the Rocher de Warche to the Passerelle de Challes.
  • GPS: N50.38699° x E5.99136°
  • Please note that access to the river via the village of Lodomez and the parking of vehicles on the dirt roads between the fields overlooking the Amblève are strictly prohibited under penalty of immediate withdrawal of the membership card. Our license to fish depends on respecting these conditions and respecting the working farmers. When scout camps are present, fishing takes place in the water or on the right bank; do not cross the camps!

Attention, the road leading to the Rocher de Warche is “except residents”; you are asked to park in the parking lot at the bottom of the village (= parking point 5 “Pont de Thioux”) and walk to the water’s edge (300m).

Challes footbridge= access point n°12 : 1720m
  • Route: 860 m on each bank to the confluence with Eau Rouge.
  • GPS: N50.39327° x E5.95458°
  • To park at point 12, drive at a slow pace and affix your company regulations to the dashboard of your car in order to be identified as a fisherman by the police. Fishermen’s parking is authorized at the level of the footbridge despite the road “except residents” (preferably park at point 13).
Confluence Amblève-Eau Rouge= access point n°13: 1500m.
  • Route: 750 m on each bank to the Bressaix bridge.
  • Parking: at the confluence.
  • GPS: N50.39520° x E5.94667°
  • Attention fishing prohibited 50 m downstream of the dam and the fish pass.
Canal Engie and diversion = access point n°14: 1720m.
  • Route: 860 m on each bank to the Place du 18 December 1944 bridge.
  • Car park: Pont des Bressaix.
Pont des Bressaix= access point n°14: 760m.
  • Route: 380m on each bank to the Place du 18 Novembre 1944 bridge.
  • Parking: at the bridge.
  • GPS: N50.39401° x E5.93565°
Place of December 18, 1944 = access point n°15: 1255 m.
  • Route: 690m left bank and 565m right bank to the treatment plant.
  • Parking: at the Half track.
  • GPS: N50.39110° x E5.93188°
End of the World: 4225 m.
  • Course in common with the society of united fishermen of Trois-Ponts.
  • Course: 2000 m right bank from the first field behind the ponds.
    2225 m left bank after the wood following the treatment plant (access by water).
    Or Les deux rives to ru de Bouyen.
  • Access from the ponds= access point n°16: GPS: N50.38836° x E5.92807°
  • Access from the main road = access point n°17: GPS: N50.38531° x E5.91759°

C) STREAM ZONE: 12.405 km of banks.

Eau Rouge: 8.815 km of shoreline.

Red water general map
Blanchimont = Access point 18: 4720m
  • Course: 2220m on the right bank (including 700m in water only) and 2500m on the left bank from Blanchimont to the Eau Rouge campsite.
  • Parking: Blanchimont area.
  • GPS: N50.42941° x E5.95860°
Eau Rouge campsite = access point 19: 2040 m.
  • Route: 1020m on both sides of the Pont des Moutons to the Pont de Cheneux.
  • Parking: at the bridge.
  • GPS: N50.41199° x E5.95339°
Chefosse: Pont de Cheneux = access point 20: 2055 m.
  • Route: 1205m right bank and 850m left bank to the confluence with the Amblève. Please note: passage and fishing in the Challes campsite are prohibited!
  • Parking: at the bridge.
  • GPS: N50.40410° x E5.95247°

The Warchenne at Malmedy : 3,090 km of banks (divided route)

  • Zone A “Arimont”: 115m double bank at Chemin du Val. GPS: N50.427826° x E6.064154°
  • Zone B “Winbomont”: 530m right bank upstream and downstream Carrefour store. GPS: N50.42130° x E6.04302°.
  • Zone C “town centre”: 1115m on both banks from the Rue Joseph Werson bridge to the confluence with the Warche. Fishing possible in the water only! GPS: N50.42425° x E6.03633°.

3. The Rechterberg at Pont-Ligneuville: 0.70km of banks.

Rechterbach general map
  • Course: 700m on the right bank going up from its confluence with the Amblève.
  • Access and parking: see petite Amblève in Pont-Ligneuville = access point 1 on the map.

For more details, see the route map or our website. On the ground, the fishing areas are always delimited by company panels, blue plates bearing in white letters ‘Trout’.

The “fishing in the water” areas only are marked with red dots on the map and on the ground the company plates are supplemented by the mention “in the water”.


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